Aussie Hair Icons In Honour of Australia Day

Happy Australia Day, everyone! In honour of the occasion, we’ve been thinking about our favourite Aussie hair icons and how they achieve their look – no mullets or rat-tails here, thanks! Did your fave good-haired Aussie make the cut? You’ll have to read on to find out…

Fringe Benefits: The Micro-Fringe

Beyoncé Micro-fringe

Fringes – we love them. They are eternally cool, and a relatively quick way to update your look. This year, we have a hunch that it’s going to be all about the micro-fringe, otherwise known as the baby-fringe, baby bangs, or “Bettie bangs”, after pin-up icon Bettie Page. 

Golden Globes Hair: Our Favourite Looks

Awards season is here, with the Golden Globes kicking off the festivities earlier this week. As always, the gowns were fabulous, the make-up was on point and drama was in the air but what about the hair? There was plenty of drama there as well! There were retro-inspired looks, sleek modern ‘dos and everything in between. Our favourites? Read on to find … Read More

Rose Quartz: Meet Your New Favourite Colour

Pantone Rose Quartz

Pantone’s 2016 Colours of the Year are “Serenity”, described as a “cooler tranquil blue”, and “Rose Quartz” – a warm, sort-of-dusty-pink. It’s a first for Pantone to announce two colours of the year, something that according to Pantone’s website is inspired by the increasing gender fluidity being seen in fashion and other areas of design.

Hair Accessories

Isn’t it so often the case that accessories make or break an outfit? A boring dress gets revived by a statement necklace, or a standard jeans-and-tee combo gets a touch of mystique by adding a pair of stand out sunnies. The same can be said of hair accessories, too, but they’re often overlooked. 

How to Minimize Your Wardrobe

So, you’ve cracked the “New Year, New You” thing (so far, at least), but what about a new year, and a new wardrobe? Get the images of bundles of new clothes, spilling out of your closet, out of your head- we mean just the opposite, as in, you need to minimize your wardrobe. Okay, it doesn’t sound as exciting but … Read More