3 Products You Need To Add To Your Hair Routine

Proper hair care can prove challenging and time consuming, and there’s nothing more overwhelming than figuring out a healthy hair routine to keep your locks robust and in good condition. You spend good money with your favourite Dextress hair stylist, so it’s important to make sure you continue the regimen to reap all the benefits of beautiful, strong hair.

Whatever your hair routine, here are a few necessary additions to give your hair that something extra.

You can thank us later!

Give Your Hair A Deep Cleanse

 All shampoos will cleanse your hair of the usual oils and dirt, but a targeted deep-cleansing shampoo will cut through more stubborn residues, especially if you use products every day. A good, high-quality deep cleanse shampoo should be able to remove all the build-up from those products as well as minerals, pollutants and hard water, yet be gentle enough for everyday use.

We absolutely love KMS Headremedy Deep Cleanse Shampoo, because not only does it do its job of getting rid of all the nasties, but it’s for all hair types and can be used with your conditioner of choice. It’s like a beauty detox for your head! It will revitalise and re-energise, bringing hair back to its brilliant lustre.

Replenish With Oil

Your hair, just like your skin, needs both oil and moisture to be healthy but certain types of oils are too easily absorbed, or leave your hair looking…well, oily. With the right product though, you can get rid of split ends, tame the frizz and transform every hair strand to optimum power, but with so many oils on the market, how do you know what’s right for you?

At Dextress, we can’t get enough of Goldwell Elixir Oil, an amazing combination of Argan and Tamanu oils that immediately absorb into your hair leaving it feel light. It’s a wonderfully weightless product, you won’t even feel it’s there! The Moroccan Argan oil will give your hair a boost of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, while the exotic South Pacific Tamanu oil will give it a dose of antioxidants.

Use Goldwell Elixir Oil in towel-dried hair for an intensive shine and as an essential protection from blow-drying, or finish your hairstyle with a dose for anti-frizz and improved colour brilliance.

Smooth It All Out With A Hair Mask

Do you use face masks to rejuvenate your skin? Of course, you do! So why not do the same for your hair? Your hair routine should really incorporate a smoothing mask at least once a week to give colour protection, tame the unmanageables, and speed up hair growth. If you dye, blow-dry or flatiron your locks regularly (and chances are you do!), then your hair deserves some TLC.

Adding a hair mask to the mix can take your okay hair to oh-my-god-it’s-fabulous! supremacy. Goldwell Kerasilk Intensive Smoothing Mask is a game changer, and we call it our little miracle. It offers extra rich care that’s not too heavy and smooths strands for long-lasting manageability, control and shine.

The long and short of it is, having a regular hair care routine is great, but adding a deep cleanse shampoo, some essential oils and a smoothing mask will help you repair and protect your hair’s natural barriers so that you have celebrity-worthy locks everyone will be envious of.