3 Signs Of Scalp Ageing & How To Fight Them

In a world where we’re bombarded, seemingly daily, with updates on the next newest and hottest skincare fad and there are lotions, potions, creams and 14-step face washing routines, it seems many of us are neglecting one very key area: our scalp. We know it can be confusing and exhausting at best (ridiculous and frustrating, at worst) to keep up when every product is the new “it” product so we don’t blame you – believe us, we’re in the same boat! – but hear us out. 

Our scalp, although often covered in hair, is still exposed to the elements – usually without protection, unless you wear a hat every time you leave the house during daylight. Only you would have to wear a hat 24/7 if you wanted to fully protect it because it’s also sensitive to pollution, temperature changes and environmental extremes (hello, Brisbane humidity!) as well as chemical stress from things like cosmetics, cigarette smoke and alcohol. Sounds just like the rest of our skin, doesn’t it? And just like the rest of our bodies, our scalp can show signs of ageing so shouldn’t we be taking care of it like we do the rest of us? We think so!

Here are three common signs of scalp ageing, plus our inside scoop on how to combat them.  

Scalp Dehydration 

scalp itchy

Is there anything worse than a dry, itchy scalp? Okay, well maybe a few things, but nobody likes having to do the covert-but-oh-so-satisfying scalp itch on a date, or in a group, or anywhere really ever, do they? We sure don’t. A dry, tight-feeling scalp can be caused by many things, including not drinking enough water, plus environmental factors like cold weather and using some harsher hair products that contain allergens, plastics and other not-so-nice things. 

Oil Imbalance


Dandruff – the illicit lovechild of an oil imbalance and dead skin cell buildup, causing little flakes to shimmy out of your hair onto your shoulders as if it were Christmastime in the North Pole. It doesn’t make us very merry, though, nor the countless people who deal with it. 

Weak & Thinning Hair 

hair scalp

We cannot stress enough that scalp health directly affects hair health. If you’re finding you’re shedding more hair than usual, struggling to get the va-va-voom volume you so desire or you’ve tried every treatment and combination of products on your hair with little to no result, you might want to consider going a little deeper and giving what’s under the hair a little lovin’ instead.

The Fix: Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalise Range 

scalp revitalise

The recently released Revitalise range from Goldwell’s Kerasilk collection takes a skincare-inspired approach to the scalp and both counteracts exisiting concerns and works as a preventative measure for the future. The entire range is enriched with Ectoin, a 100% naturally-occurring ingredient found in desert areas that effectively forms a cocoon around the scalp to protect against environmental stressors, as well as grapeseed extract to restore moisture and smooth the scalp and red algae to help remove dandruff and rebalance any oil-based problems. 
We are proud to now offer the Kerasilk Revitalise “Scalp Facial”, a new four-step treatment specifically designed to address scalp concerns and combat scalp ageing. The treatment includes a consultation and analysis of your scalp so we can tailor the treatment to each individual client, then an “exfoliating” prewash, designed to gently and deeply  cleanse excessive sebum and dead skin cells from the scalp and purify pores to prepare for the treatment.
rev scalp
Next we thoroughly cleanse the hair with a  Nourishing, Detoxifying or Redensifying shampoo, depending on your specific needs, before applying the “Scalp Foundation”, a moisturising microfoam that works to rebalance the scalp ready for the next step; a rich serum treatment that strengthens the protective layer of skin on the scalp and a luxurious head massage which specialised techniques for every scalp need. 
The Scalp Facial is followed up with products for at-home use – including everything from the gentle prewash “exfoliator”, Nourishing, Detoxifying or Redensifying shampoos and the Scalp Foundation – so you’ll continue to see results long after you’ve left the salon. 
So, stop neglecting that scalp and contact us to arrange a consultation.