5 Winter Hair Trends to Embrace

This winter is looking increasing exciting will so much hair flair happening! We love that hair styles become a big part of expressing ourselves, and with winter already upon us, it’s time to embrace the fashion trends this season and shake up our looks. Even the smallest, most subtle changes can make a significant difference to our style. If you want to stay on top of the game, here are our Top 5 winter styles to consider adding to your hairdo!

Long Bangs

Fabulously long bangs are a must-have this season for long, medium length or super short hair. They are the coolest accessory with celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Dakota Johnson using them as a seasonal update to their current looks. Bangs give you a distinct style, and whether you want a full set of bangs or not, there is a style that can be worked into every haircut.

The ‘Hair Tuck’

If you follow fashion trends, you’ll be the familiar with the famous ‘hair tuck’, where you leave your loosely half-tucked hair into a sweater or scarf as if you couldn’t be bothered to flip it all the way outside the neckhole. It might not seem like there’s much to it, but there are three things to keep in mind. First, don’t make it appear deliberate so keep it messy. Next take into consideration that second or third-day hair has a grittier hold and is ideal for this look. Finally, dress appropriately. All the tousling in the world won’t make a difference or give the effect you want if you’re not wearing the right scarf or loose jumper.

Lived-in Blonde

It’s the hair colour that lasts up to six months! The lived-in blonde look is a subtle, enduring way of highlighting your hair that is neither ballayage nor ombré. It essentially looks like your roots have grown out and blended in with your highlights (Blake Lively pulls this off amazingly!). The art of lived-in blonde, however, is in the details – the highlights which you place in the regrowth must be as small and subtle as possible to create a natural look. It might take some time, but it’s worth it.

Deep Side Parts

In any hairstyle, parts are a necessity all to varying degrees, there’s just simply no way around it. This winter’s stylish trends are quickly becoming apparent that deep side parts are a sure bet for the cooler season. Deep side parts allow for better focus on the eyes and lips. Precision is also important as it rocks every woman’s hairstyle and exudes confidence and self-assurance. Supermodel Gigi Hadid often shows how a deep side part is pulled off when she fancies a sleeked-back low bun or ponytail.

One-Length Bobs

Modern bob haircuts feature innovations which upgrade the bob to a level that will rock this winter season. One length bobs flatter the face shape and give a sexy feel when combined with the right highlights. Film star Jennifer Aniston is known to wear the one length bob, with her hairstylist Chris McMillan once explaining that by giving her a face-framing bob, it makes her more modern with a non-blunt or over-layered hairstyle.

We’d love to see what winter hair trends you’re wearing this season! Are you giving yourself a completely new look and embracing the long bangs? Or just flipping your locks into a clever ‘hair tuck’ with your favourite scarf? Stay ahead of the curve, and don’t be afraid to try something new. There’s just something adrenaline-boosting and energising about changing it up a bit, so send us your winter look!