A Complete Guide to Hairspray

Between putting a halt to fly-aways and keeping curls coiled, hairspray is one of those staple items that has become one of the most iconic in fashionable decades of yesteryear – think 1980s volume and 1990s ‘The Rachel’ look. Today, hairspray is still used to secure hairstyles and even though it’s undergone some essential formula changes, it’s still considered an indispensable item for the everyday woman and man.

Here are some of the best modern day uses for hairspray that will prove invaluable.

Softness and Sheen

Traditional strong-hold hairsprays are outdated, and you don’t have to picture elaborate updos or coiffed vintage styles that don’t move even when caught in torrential hurricane-force winds. Hairspray can be used for softness and a little sheen; it’s not necessary to spray the whole head so everything is rigid and flattened.

So instead of pointing the can directly at your head, spray the product into your hands and rub them together to create a hold, then run them through a blowout for a finish that isn’t sticky.

Keep Curls Bouncy

Before you curl, take the time to prepare your hair by misting one to two-inch sections of dry hair and then misting each one with hairspray before wrapping around a hot iron. To stop your curls from going flat, spray hairspray underneath your curls once you’ve finished – not directly on top. When you spray on top, it weighs the hair down and flattens the style. Tip your head forward and spray into the layers; this will preserve the style and add some instant volume.

The trick is in hairspray misting before and after curling.

Smashing Styles

Believe it or not, hairspray can be used to perfect more than just high volume styles. It can be used to complete a superb ponytail – all you need to do is use a brush to pull the hair up, then spray a hairspray with more hold on to the sides and top of hair to prevent fly aways to get a look that is chic and polished.

If you’re sporting a bob haircut, slightly lift the covering hair and apply hairspray at an angle from below towards the hair ends. It will provide marvellous hold to bevelled side hair, while for those wanting a natural looking style that will hold in place all day, spray hairspray into your hair brush and then brush it through your hair to get rid of any frizz.

Our KMS Hairstay Firm Finishing and KMS HairstayWorking hairsprays are the ideal products for these hairstyles and more! Quick drying, non-sticky and leaving no residue or flaking, the former provides a firm hold while the latter gives a flexible durability to let you play and change your mind or rework your shape.

Catering to Style

Hairsprays come in different strengths to cater for all types of styles. As a general rule, low hold spray is for looks that require nothing than a hold. Medium hold cans cater for less structured styles or loose carefree waves, while stronghold is for the more elaborate looks such as updos and anything that requires all-day hold for weddings and spring racing carnivals.

So choose your strength wisely, because you want to make sure you have a hairspray that is going to actually help you achieve the look you’re aiming for.

Hairspray is the most universal and versatile product, and works on every hair type – it’s just about how you apply it and use it. At Dextress, we can help answer all your questions about hairspray and give you tips on how to take advantage of the product to keep your hair firmly in place when you’re in the salon next.