The New Braids

Braids – they are everywhere, and they have been for a while. Call it the Khaleesi-effect, but they are definitely here to say. In the most recent round of runway shows back in September, though, the braid received a bit of an update. Gone are the perfect, preened, prim and proper braids of last season – it’s time to embrace … Read More

New York Fashion Week: The Trends You Can Wear Now

New York Fashion Week

Today marks the final day of New York Fashion Week, a chaotic seven days of parties, snap-happy street style bloggers, celebrity appearances and, duh, New York’s finest designers presenting their collections for spring/summer 2016. 

Colour Correction – #TransformationTuesday

Here at Dextress, we love a transformation as much as we love a challenge – combine the two and we are the happiest hairdressers in Brisbane. Colour correction is something of a speciality of ours, if we do say so ourselves, and we pride ourselves on helping our guests pick the best colour for them when it’s time for a … Read More