Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers Dextress-Style

Happy December, everyone! You know what that means – trees, tinsel, too many wines at the office Christmas party (we won’t judge) and, of course, the gifts. Oh God, the gifts. Don’t get us wrong, we love to give just as much as we love to receive but we know it can be stressful to find the perfect gift to say “I love you”, “I value our friendship” or even just “thanks for tolerating me this year”.  As always, our Dextress elves have got you covered with a selection of gifts available in-salon, plus our range of Goldwell and R+Co hair products. If you’re struggling, check out this handy-dandy rundown of some of our favourite stocking fillers. 

#1 Foamie 

foamie gift

Say hello to the new clean! The Foamie is a neat little shower sponge with integrated foaming cleanser, activated by soaking and pressing the sponge. The idea is to take back the shower experience as something luxurious, and not to be rushed, an everyday pamper session (and who doesn’t love that?!). The cleanser is cruelty free with 100% vegan ingredients, as well as a neutral ph and no chemical nasties like parabens, lily aldehydes and sulphates. 

#2 MakeUp Eraser 

makeup eraser gift

We’re not sure why everyone doesn’t already have a MakeUp Eraser, but, since they don’t, we’re happy to provide. This nifty little cloth is not only easy to use and gentle on your skin, it’s heaps more eco-friendly than traditional makeup removal wipes. You may be thinking “well that’s just a cloth!”, and we understand your skepticism but it’s so much more than that, we promise! Most towels and cloths use looped material, but this little bad boy has millions of fibers that are standing straight up to really clean out your pores, even if you’re wearing long-lasting or waterproof makeup. It’s also reversible – one side for makeup removal, one for exfoliating – and it’s so soft it’s like rubbing a cloud on your face. 

#3 Tangle Angel 

tangle angel gift

Let us paint a picture for you; Monday, 7am. Your alarm goes off, you wipe the sleep from your eyes and begrudgingly get out of bed. You’re preparing for another day at work, thinking about whether Brenda from accounting is going to send more passive aggressive emails and how feasible it would be to fake your own death so you never have to go to the office again, when suddenly the no-handled hair-detangler you’re brushing your locks with goes flying out of your hand. It rockets across the room and lands on the bathroom floor with surprising force, making a noise that wakes up your roommate/significant other on their day off. They’re not happy and now you have to hear all about it. We’ve all been there.

If you had been using a Tangle Angel, created by Kate Middleton’s hair stylist (if it’s good enough for the Duchess, it’s certainly good enough for us) this never would have happened. It’s got a handle! It’s actually ergonomic and won’t slip out of your grasp at every opportunity. Life is hard enough as it is, do someone a favour and get them the gift of a Tangle Angel this Christmas. 

#4 Sphynx Portable Razor 

sphynx gift

Perfect for the girl (or guy) on the go, this lifesaver is perfect to pop in your bag for those dreaded moments you realise you’ve missed a spot shaving, or to save space in your toiletries bag while travelling. Invented by “she-e-o” Leila, the Sphynx contains a refillable water spray bottle, a moisturizing bar, and two razor blades all in one compact and discreet package. These little doodads are cruelty- and paraben-free, with  shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils to moisturise the skin. You can also sign up online for a monthly refill of the blades, so you’ll never be stuck without a razor again.