Colour Services

We offer a full range of permanent and demi permanent hair colour services. Before commencing any colour service we sit down with you for a full colour consultation to determine what you want and to determine the process for achieving that look.

We recommend having your regrowth touched up every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how noticeable it is. If you are happy  with your current colour, we can tint your regrowth to match.

Where regrowth is starting to show and the overall colour has faded since your last visit, we recommend a regrowth tint and a refreshing of the overall colour. After looking at the condition of your hair during the consultation process we can determine the best way to achieve a refreshed overall colour, ensuring the colour is consistent over the regrowth are and through the mid-lengths.

To achieve natural variation in the overall colour we recommend a foiling.

Our foiling service is tailored to each guest’s desired outcome. We carefully section and part the hair and our foiling technique ensures that as the hair grows the foils appear to be growing our naturally. We offer full head, ½ head, ¾ head and hairline and part foiling.

We specialise in colour corrections for when you want to completely change the colour of your hair. We invite our guests considering a colour correction into the salon for a full consultation and colour plan. We take a strand of your hair, apply the necessary colour treatments and then are able to show you the likely result of the first round of colour treatments. Preserving the condition of the hair is the primary goal, and achieving the colour is secondary. We approach colour correction in this way to preserve the hair for the future.

Going from dark to light

When we drastically lighten the hair, we only guarantee two shades of lightening in order to preserve the condition and the structure of the hair.

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