Dextress Gift Guide: Our Top Gifts for the Hair Lover in Your Life

If you’ve got a hair lover, man or woman, on your Christmas list, then you’ve come to the right place for a spot of inspiration. We’ve put our own list together (no, not the naughty or nice type!) of some of our personal faves, so you know the quality and reputation of these items is simply perfect.

Here are our top gifts for the hair lover in your life.

Ikoo brushes

Every hair enthusiast loves a good stylish brush, and the Ikoo brushes are at the forefront of the runway when it comes to hair care. Made by Chinese medicine doctors, these brushes have what is called a ‘chessboard function’, meaning there are four long and four short bristles to allow a gentle detangle. The scalp gets a massage too, aiding in health and well-being. Being a luxurious tool doesn’t mean sacrificing the earth either, with each of these brushes made from natural materials and constructed without the use of animal glue – suitable for vegans!


You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re talking about music pop bands, and questioning yourself, ‘What has a pop band got to do with hair?’. Sadly no, there’s no sign of the Backstreet Boys or N’Sync here (even though they did rock amazing hairstyles). We’re talking about the world’s kindest hair tie for that person on your list who always carries a hair tie around their wrist just in case they need it! These little beauties are elegant and glitzy, made out of soft and stretchy material to hold ponytails uptight but still leave hair feeling fresh and kink-free. For the hair-tie-wrist-wearer, it even doubles as a super cute bracelet. Win-win!

R&Co Wall St Strong Hold Gel

It doesn’t just have to be the ladies who are hair lovers, think about the man in your life who takes pride in his hair and always looks his best. R&Co’s award-winning Wall St Strong Hold Gel even sounds like it belongs in the hands of a man who knows what he wants in life – and goes for it. This super shine gel provides strong, long lasting hold no matter the hairstyle – slicked back or pumped up high with volume, no man’s hair care regimen can do without this product. What’s more, is that the fragrance will leave him smelling simply divine, full of bergamot, wild fig, lotus flower and cedarwood. Ladies better watch out when he walks past! Heads will turn.

The Original Make-Up Eraser

Okay, so we know this isn’t a hair product per say, but any hair lover will appreciate a quick and easy fix to getting rid of the make-up they’ve been wearing all day. Because really, who – after long hours at work or socialising over the weekend – wants to take the time leaning over their vanity removing all their eyeshadow, blush, and foundation? Make-up erasers are the new thing for every girl with a busy or social lifestyle. They are reusable, ultra-soft cloths that erase make-up with just warm water. They are free of chemicals, and can get rid of all sorts of cosmetics on the face including stage, sports, and theatrical make-up. Each one also lasts 1000 washes!


R&Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo

Anyone who takes care of their hair will know how much dry shampoo is a saviour! These days life gets in the way, and spending time washing and styling our tresses every day, every second day or third can consume minutes, even hours, of important time we just don’t have. R&Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo gives locks a new lease on life, keeping hairstyles fresher for longer while adding volume and body  – fantastic for those who work out every day, or have young children to focus on.

Ikoo Thermal Infused Headwraps

Any, and all, hair lovers for that matter will feel incredibly pampered when given a hair mask under the Christmas tree. But mind you, we’re not talking about just any hair mask! Take a look at the Ikoo Thermal Infused Headwraps. An innovative product, thermal headwraps like the ones we stock at Dextress are saturated in goodness to regenerate any damaged roots and ends, and revitalise the scalp. They’re full of lavender, juniper and basil essential oils, and the most important part – they’re easy to use even at home.

GHD Platinum Nocturne Styler Gift Set

We guarantee you that the hair lover on that Christmas list of yours will be eagerly anticipating for the newest holiday limited edition products to hit the shelves. They will no doubt know that year after year, GHD releases a new collection just in time to be gifted to them! Isn’t that a bit cheeky? The new GHD Platinum Nocturne Styler is part of a collection inspired by the transition from day to night, and features an eclectic mix of deep violets and light lilacs as its primary colour scheme. No other straightener can beat this Styler with its patented tri-zone technology, unique plates, and universal voltage. It’s the Eiffel Tower of the straightener world. Gift it in a set, with a coordinated heat-protective bag and two bonus nail polishes from OPI.

R&Co Thickening Spray

Thickening sprays come and go, especially in this day and age of mega volume coming back in fashion, but R&Co’s specialty Thickening Spray sits apart from the rest of the flock. It will double hair volume with its formulation for thick, luscious locks without the weigh-down or leaving hair feeling stiff and brittle. It’s a completely unique product thanks to aloe leaf extract derived from Japan to seal moisture, ginger root extract from Hawaii for conditioning, and honey from Indonesia to prevent loss of that moisture when you’re blow drying or using a heating tool. Also filled with pro-vitamin B5 and amino acid complex to deliver thermal protection, R&CO’s Thickening Spray is perfect for medium to long hair, and is the ideal addition to any gift under the Christmas tree.

At Dextress, we can help you choose the perfect gift for the hair lover in your life. Come in, see the products for yourself, and let us put something together for the ideal present.