Goldwell @Pure Pigments: A New Revolution in Hair Colour

Professional haircare wizards Goldwell have recently released their newest development in hair colour – @Pure Pigments, a breakthrough that is reinventing coloured hair as we know it. Through joint research with Fujifilm, they have created six concentrated dye additives that incorporate new technology to allow absolute freedom to achieve whatever colour our hair-obsessed hearts desire. 

Goldwell HD3 Dye Technology

The “HD3 Dye Technology” used in @Pure Pigments is an absolute innovation in colour technology, and was developed through the successful fusion of Goldwell’s exisiting hair technology, known for precise control of the dye’s penetration of the hair shaft, and Fujifilm’s molecular design and synthesis technology for dye. Yay, science! 

While all that may seem dreadfully boring, basically what you need to know is that HD3 Dye Technology allows for totally 3D HD colour with real depth and vibrancy and a super high resistance to fading (twice the resistance than other available dyes, as well as 3 times the colour intensity and 63% more shine if we’re getting down to the real nitty gritty!) 

Elumenated Hair Colour 

The 3D Dye Technology has essentially been harnessed into six high definition dye additives, which create “Elumentated Colour” – this is hair colour turned all the way up to 11. Pure yellow, pure orange, pure red and pure violet help to create vivid tones and effects, while pearl blue and matte green soften and counteract unwanted tones. It’s a similar concept to colour correcting in makeup, but applied to hair with some really stunning results. 

Wash, Boost or Morph Your Colour 

The unique Goldwell @Pure Pigments system opens up a whole new world of specific-to-you colour services. Choose to “Morph” your colour for an iridescent result that changes with hair movement and light – holographic hair, can you believe it?! If a softer tone is more your style, opt for a Colour Wash, ideal for highly customisable pastel shades and a more subtle hint of colour. Or if you want the real wow factor, with intense, saturated colour we reckon the Colour Boost might be for you. 

You were just thinking about a colour change, too, weren’t you? Give us a call, let’s have a chat about the new colour system that’s going to give you the ooh ah ah sensation.