Why A Healthy Scalp Will Completely Transform Your Hair

It makes total sense that when you look after your skin, you unlock everything from a radiant face to baby-smooth hands and feet. So it’s no wonder that the hair industry is taking inspo from the skincare sphere when it comes to scalp health. Just like any other part of your body, the scalp is sensitive, unique and reacts to a variety of environmental pressures, including stress, hormones and the seasons.

Even more, with winter coming and dry skin season upon yes, not even your scalp is immune to the dryness. And then to top it off, some shampoos can sometimes strip the scalp, which may leave it unbalanced. Today’s newest trend is all about ensuring the health of your scalp is at its A-game so that you’ve got the best hair possible.

So what can you do to make sure your scalp is healthy and literally transform your hair?


Just like you exfoliate the skin on your face, your scalp can also benefit from a good scrub. Always avoid using your fingernails when scrubbing through; the technique can lead to unintentional scabbing.

Exfoliating a dry, or flaky scalp can help reinforce fragile hair and even encourage growth. The R&Co Crown Scalp Scrub is ideal for really getting into the root of the problem as the Salicylic Acid reduces build up on the scalp while the Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seed Powder is a natural exfoliant. Another key ingredient in this scrub is Kaolin, a natural mineral-rich clay which helps absorb excess oil. Your scalp will certainly feel detoxed after! 


Regular scalp massages are an easy, natural treatment that you can even do at home. The movement aids in increasing blood flow to the scalp, thereby promoting circulation and stimulation to the area, all very helpful at promoting optimal hair growth.


With hair products finding inspiration from the skincare industry, ingredients are shifting with their advancement into cleansing technologies to allow for better care. It’s not enough to just use products that simply wash and condition the hair anymore because cheap product build-up and blockage can make way for major problems. So if you aren’t using great quality products for your hair type, it’s time to switch it up!


With scalp care trending, it’s no wonder there is also inspiration taken from lifestyle care. In today’s modern age of ensuring your physical and mental wellbeing is at its optimum, taking care of your scalp should be done on the inside as well the outside. What do we mean, you ask?

Well, we love a little bit of vitamin B and E thrown into the mix, which helps with hair growth and scalp circulation. We also enjoy our quiet time to alleviate stress – that can sometimes result to a weak immune system that makes it possible for more production of those little white snowflakes we despise on black tops. The solution? Relax and take care of yourself from the inside too.

Our stylists are more than happy to sit down with you and show you how to care for your scalp so that your hair continues to stay healthy for longer. Being healthy starts from the top, so make sure your locks are in perfect condition by taking care of your scalp. Then flick it!