How To Rock A Midi Skirt

The midi skirt is everywhere, and is set to become a staple in spring wardrobes. It can be tricky to style but have faith, and read on for our tips on how to make the midi work for you. 

The “midi” as we know it refers to a skirt that hits anywhere from the knee to the mid-calf. The midi length is notoriously difficult to style, Coco Chanel described it as “awkward” and it faced a backlash when it was pushed by designers and retailers in the 70s with Time magazine called it “ungainly and unflattering”. It can be a great look though, with designers like Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors and Diane Von Furstenburg championing the length in the SS15 shows.

Whether embellished, plain, bodycon, pleated, printed or a-line, there is plenty to choose from with this trend. And, when you think about it, it’s actually pretty practical – you don’t have to worry about your thighs being on show to the world (if that’s something you tend to worry about) and you only have to shave your legs up to the knee. Think of the time-saving possibilities!

To those of us who grew up on a steady stream of mini skirts, the midi can feel dowdy or frumpy, but that doesn’t have to be the case. For taller ladies, the world is really your oyster with this trend – your height will give you the freedom to pair a midi skirt with almost anything and any shoe. Shout out to my shorter gals too, though, you can still rock the midi with a vengeance – we’d just recommend that you add some height with a nude heel to elongate your silhouette, or even a block-heeled ankle boot or sandal to give you a little boost, as the midi has the ability to swamp petite frames.

Midi’s definitely have a sophisticated, lady-like appeal, evoking mental images of our-lady-of-extreme-chicness Audrey Hepburn frolicking with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and go for a more modern look. The crop top, which, over the last few seasons, has become something of a wardrobe staple in it’s own right, gives the midi some edge – go for a boxy style with a pleated skirt to balance femininity and toughness. Wearing a midi with a slogan t-shirt, half-tucked with sleeves rolled up, and super-trendy pool slides or sneakers screams “cool-girl-who-doesn’t-try-too-hard” and, if you’re feeling really adventurous, try mixing prints for a quirky take on the trend.

Emphasising your waist can also be key, particularly with circle or a-line midis, so cinching the waist with a belt can help you look less “mother hen”. Defining your silhouette like this will prevent the top half of your body looking like the same width as the bottom, giving you shape and making your overall look more interesting. For extra sartorial points, knot your belt rather than looping it, or throw on a wide obi belt – they were all over the SS15 runways, too.

Ultimately, whether you like it or not, the midi trend is here to stay, at least for this season and next so we say embrace it while you can, because who knows when we’ll have to go back to shaving our legs past the knee again.