Living Coral: Celebrating the Colour of the Year

Living coral

Our very own Alandra’s take on Living Coral

Pantone recently revealed 2019’s Colour of the Year, Living Coral and we are living for it. See what we did there? Seriously though, we love it, and we think you will too. Pantone’s annual pick ends up influencing everything from product design and advertising to fashion, hair and beauty so if you want to get ahead of the curve, the time is now! Let’s dive in (sorry, we’ll stop) to why we are so obsessed with Living Coral. 

Optimism & Joy 

living coral

by @hairbyme.amanda on instagram

Pantone has described Living Coral as “animating and life-affirming” colour that “energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. We suppose that’s a fancy way of saying “it makes you feel good and it’s interesting, but pretty, to look at” and we couldn’t agree more. There’s something about the colour that radiates good vibes. And couldn’t we all do with more good vibes? Pantone says the hue represents our “our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits”, which we are taking to mean – life is hard enough as it is, might as well have some fun with your hair. 

Kaleidoscope of Colour 

living coral

by @genie.unicorn on instagram

It’s name Living Coral for a reason – there is life to it, particularly when it’s applied to hair. That may sound a bit out there but hear us out! The subtle golden undertone really does bring the colour to life when light hits it in different ways, it moves and shifts. Not all that dissimilar to a real-life living coral reef. The thing with golden undertones is that they’re warm, so they usually work best on cool complexions but coral is deceptively versatile, we promise. 


living coral

by @hairwithtaryn on instagram

At Dextress, we pride ourselves on our ability to customise haircare to our clients’ specific needs and wants. With our high performance Goldwell Elumen and Colorance ranges, we can adjust the warmth of the coral to suit any skin tone and any style. We can also go as dramatic or as subtle as you like, depending on your preference. If you’re feeling a little adventurous but don’t want to go all out, why not try a colour wash? It’s a colouring technique that applies a shorter lasting, toned-down pastel shade, rather than an in-your-face shade (which we also totally encourage!). Go on, live your life with optimism, pursue joyful pursuits – get in touch and arrange a consultation so we can get you acquainted with your Colour of the Year.