Met Gala 2019: Hair Trends From the Pink Carpet

It’s been 10 days since Met Gala 2019, the night firmly planted in the intersection between high fashion and high art sometimes dubbed the “Oscars of fashion“. It’s an annual event hosted by Vogue editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour on behalf of the Costume Institute at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art with each year’s dress code dictated by a theme – last year’s was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” and this year’s was “Camp: Notes on Fashion”. 

The pink carpet played host to celebrity fashionistas like Lady Gaga, who also co-hosted this year’s event, Gigi Hadid, Noami Campbell and those ones from that famous family… what are their names again? Oh yeah, that’s right, the Kardashian-Jenners, duh! Some of the outfits were pretty wild, but, of course, we were more interested in the hair! Now we’ve had time to recover and digest all the looks, here’s our top three Met Gala “camp” mini trends. Even better – they’re totally real-life friendly (well, mostly). 


Met Gala Texture

For such an important (read: fancy shmancy) night on the fashion calendar, you’d think attendees would want to pull out all the stops – particularly if the theme is camp, which is about as “more is more” as you can get, aesthetic-wise. Don’t get us wrong, for the most part they did! But one micro-trend we picked up on surprised us – there was an awful lot of naturally textured, relaxed-looking hair – almost as if some of the celeb hairstylists had been on strike that day. And honestly? We are living for it. We love the resurgent embracing of natural texture – gone are the days of hours of frustration and twelve different products, just wash it and go. Even to the Met Gala! 


Met Gala Colour

Perhaps the most implicitly “on theme” for the Camp dress code, lots of attendees were sporting coloured tresses while strutting their stuff on the pink carpet. We particularly loved Kristen Stewart’s surprising neon-red 90’s boyband curtains-style dye job, and the similar-but-different pastel blue worn by Laverne Cox and Lucy Boynton – a perfect example of how customising your colour even slightly can create two entirely different looks, Laverne’s being icy and sleek and Lucy’s more pastel and girlish.  

OTT Accessories 

Met Gala Accessories

Okay, so, we might be being a bit cheeky including these – they’re not necessarily that wearable for every day but who doesn’t love an insane headpiece? We sure do. And, honestly, if you scale some of these back a bit they actually would work as accessories that you could actually wear. You know, in real life. Maybe.