New Year, New Hair: 2019 Resolutions You Might Actually Stick To

Happy New Year, friends! 2019 is here, so it’s time to put the last 365 days behind us and focus on what’s ahead. We think it’s the perfect time to also focus on what’s on our heads, so we can make this the year of no bad hair days. Go ahead and scoff, it might seem impossible but we promise with these New Hair Resolutions it can be done – and they’re a lot less effort than a gym membership. 

#1 Hydrate

water new year

Hydration is great. It’s great for your skin, it’s great for your body, it’s great for energy and health and all that stuff but, more importantly than any of that, staying hydrated is great for your hair. Water makes up 25% of the weight of each strand of our hair and not drinking enough of the stuff is contributing to those brittle strands, split ends and slow (or completely halted) growth more than most people realise. Leave dry, thirsty hair in 2018 and say hello to sweet, sweet H2O. 

#2 Trim, Trim, Trim 

trim new year

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know you’ve heard this one before but we will never stop advocating for regular trims. It’s what your hair deserves and it really does make a difference to hair growth and overall condition. Long tresses, particularly, are generally more vulnerable to split ends and other damage as the hair is “older” and not as strong, so to keep those locks in tip-tip condish you should be aiming for a trim every six to eight weeks – same goes for chemically-treated hair. 

#3 Sun Protection 

sun new year

We know that slip-slop-slapping your scalp might seem a bit… greasy, but if you’re not protecting your hair and scalp from the sun you are doing yourself a disservice. It’s easy to forget about but applying sunscreen to your part, hairline and through the ends of your hair is hugely important in the fight against those nasty UV rays. There are sunscreen products on the market designed specifically for hair – we find a spray applicator works best – and all of our in-salon products contain a UV filter to protect the hair from sun damage.