Our Biggest Hair Trends and Predictions for 2018!

We are well and truly into 2018, and with a new year ahead of us, so to comes an entirely new abundance of hairstyles, trends, and all sorts of other fabulous industry movements that have gotten us excited and piqued our attention!

Let’s face it – 2017 is so done. Change up your look and try one or more of these amazing on-trend styles that will see your start to the new year perfectly en pointe.


Wait, did we just write the word ‘scrunchies’?! Indeed we did! The 1980s scrunchy is making its way back into fashion, finally materialising itself in all its glory with new styles and patterns. Some have even given it a new name, the ‘hair cloud’. Early adopters of the accessory have claimed they can be coordinated with any outfit or completely throw people off by being combined with a totally different pattern. Like them or not, scrunchies are gentle on hair and can be used on most hair types – they don’t damage follicles like regular bands, and the trend these days is to wear them in low, loose ponytails.

Medieval-type Braids

Shaping the industry throughout time has been the humble braid, mostly because it’s so versatile. This year it’s all about the Medieval look though, claiming prominence among top trending hairstyles for women. Don’t just watch Khaleesi in Game of Thrones on the television – be Khaleesi! From Dutch lace braids with five intricate strands, to double or triple crown French braids, they are becoming more and more timeless for that perfect occasion.



Ariana Grande did it. So did Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Emma Stone, and they all rocked the return of the fringe. From micro to full size, celebrities across the globe are showing off their ‘hairfall’ on their foreheads, no matter what face shape they were born with. Yes, cutting a fringe is nerve-racking already, and it only gets scarier the shorter you go; the side swept look is no big deal, you can blend those babies into the shorter layers of your hair. Show the world what a rebel you are by trying the micro fringe, or going for a full flair. 2018 is all about trying new trends and styles!

Silver Hair

There’s a movement in the new year away from soft rainbow pastels and more towards super shiny, metallic greys. Metallics are incredibly on trend right now, from cosmetics right through to clothes, but to make silver hair work, and not appear to be a dull looking grey, it needs to be done as either a gloss to provide shimmer or go full throttle with the look. The great thing about silver hair is that it not only works beautifully for those celebrating their natural grey, but for younger hair fashionistas in their 20s who want it worked into a balayage.

The Wet Look

Every time you step out of the shower or bath, did you realise you were currently already on trend with a look that’s been spotted on runways across the globe? No? Well then, now it’s time to keep that wet hair look for the rest of the day. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid has been rocking this look for years already, but now it’s time to take off for the rest of us. The key to achieving the style without looking like a drowned rat is in setting your hair with large braids overnight or encouraging natural waves by using curl enhancing creams or mousses. Then, evenly distribute a shine enhancing styling gel.


Super Short Bobs

The bob is back for 2018! Short strands, touchable textures, and a mermaid short-bob can really add wonders to your style. Jennifer Lawrence really rocks the look, having added layers around her face and neck to give it added thickness, while Kate Bosworth took to the bouncy bob with a sleek, chic look.

Headbands & Scarves

Accessorise this season! Find that headband or scarf to give your hair a bit of oomph without the time it takes to style. It’s the easiest way to update your look for the new year, and it’s just a matter of finding the right tone or pattern to complement your outfit and your skin tone. Dolce and Gabbana’s spring collection showcased pretty, pinned twists with printed scarves tied around them loosely. The recent Marc by Marc Jacobs collection also featured head scarves as an add-on to his eye-catchy look, and when it comes to headbands, anything goes – from braided, beaded, flowered and the stiff kind.


Splurge and go all out for the new year! Try a new look, and make a statement to the world. At Dextress, we can help find the find style that will make you happiest thanks to our experienced team of hair stylists. Book an appointment today on (07) 3491 6555 or online.