Pastel Perfect

Pastel hair is fast becoming the hair trend of 2015, with celebrities like Hilary Duff, Kylie Jenner and model Charlotte Free (above) all loving the quirky hues. Whether pink, blue, grey, green or a mixture of these and more we love creating unique looks with pastels so here’s our guide on the best of fairy-floss locks…

More subtle than an in-your-face bright, and generally fairly temporary, pastels are a great way to update your look. Whether you are growing out a short ‘do and need motivation during the “oh-dear-it’s-a-mullet” stage, or you just want something to wow the girls on the weekend, pastels are the new go-to for celebrities, hair stylists and fashionistas alike.

At Dextress, we have a wide collection of coloursĀ and the expertise to get your perfect pastel shade. If you need something that will wash out by Monday morning, we’ve got you covered! Or if you want something to start off a little brighter that you can let fade to a pastel between washes, we can do that too.

We love to use De Lorenzo’s range of Novasemi colour mousses with our adventurous pastel-loving clients. ThereĀ is a huge selection of colours to choose from, like fairy floss pink and candylicious blue and the colours can be mixed to create new tones. The best thing? The Novasemi collection is designed to protect your hair! It doesn’t lighten but uses semi-permanent technology to deposit colour onto your hair, meanwhile helping hydrate, soothe and protect from damage.

Anyone who has experimented with coloured hair, pastel or not, will tell you that maintaining your colour is almost a full-time job and this can put some people off. A lot of our clients actually love that pastel colours are only temporary, but if you want to keep your candy colour for the long haul, we’d recommend using a De Lorenzo Novafusion shampoo, or even one of the colour mousses we mentioned above! These can be mixed with conditioner to help maintain your colour between trips to the salon.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and go all-over pastel, why not try a little hint of colour with a fun dip-dye, lovely panels or a beautiful colour melt? Check out our gallery below for some more inspo and give us a call (if you can choose a colour!)