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We offer 2 different types of  Kerasilk Keratin Treatments for those who are wanting to tame frizzy and curly hair.  The Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment acts to smooth the texture of the hair, reduce frizz by softening the bonds within the hair structure, increasing softness and ease of styling. This system provides long lasting transformation for up to 3-5 months.

Keratin De Frizz system controls frizz and beautifies the hair’s natural shape. Reduce frizz and improve manageability. Maintain your natural volume and shape of the hair for up to 4-6 weeks. 

The Kerasilk Keratin Treatment uses high performing KeraShapeTechnology.


For those wanting to achieve a long-lasting straightened effect, we offer the Yuko  Japanese straightening system. This treatment depending on hair type, length and damage level  takes between 3 to 5 hours to complete and if cared for correctly should last up to 6 months. The Yuko System harmonizes to physically change the  inner structure of the hair by using the recommended solutions. Application is important to achieving long lasting results.  We will advise you on the best products for  home care for   long-lasting straightness  and  brilliant shine.


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