Glossing 101: What Is Colour Glossing & Why You Need It Now

Look, we understand that the wonderful world of hair styling is full of jargon and lingo that can sometimes seem like mumbo jumbo if you aren’t in the know. Pre-lightening, over directing, tipping, what on earth does it all mean? “Exactly,” we hear you say, “and while we’re at it what the heck is colour glossing?!” you yell into the … Read More

Goldwell Color Zoom 2018: Dextress Toronto Takeover

Back in July, Dextress took part in Goldwell Colour Zoom 2018, a live hairdressing competition where stylists from across Australia duke it out to win a coveted spot in the international Global Zoom finals, and guess what? Our talented Jess won silver in the Creative Artist category and our resident braid expert Mady took home the New Talent gold award, and … Read More

Short Hair: Why You Should Get The Chop

We have made no secret of our love for short hair, and we don’t intend to start. We love short hair. It’s bold, it’s a statement and it’s also super chic. We hear from clients that they’d be scared to cut their hair short for a number of reasons – it’s hard to style, it’s “not feminine”, “you can’t do … Read More

Hair Accessories

Isn’t it so often the case that accessories make or break an outfit? A boring dress gets revived by a statement necklace, or a standard jeans-and-tee combo gets a touch of mystique by adding a pair of stand out sunnies. The same can be said of hair accessories, too, but they’re often overlooked. 

The Power of Hair

  My dad recently asked me how I, or any woman, can spend so much time at the hairdresser. This is a man who has had the same haircut for much of his adult life, maintains his moustache by nibbling the corners if they grow too long and would sum up his style as “urban farmer” (although, credit where credit’s due, … Read More