Embracing the Unconventional: Three “Faux Pas” Hairstyles Making An Unlikely Comeback

In terms of fashion and hair, some things are just wrong. Socks in sandals – wrong. Overstuffed 80’s shoulder pads – wrong. Mullets, bowl cuts and perms – wrong, wrong, wrong. Right? Well, maybe not. We can feel you scoffing, wondering what gives us the audacity to assume you would ever be caught dead with any of those three styles atop your head, but hear us out on this.

We’re all about individuality, embracing what makes you the best you and we love a little weirdness just as much as we love classic chic. Check out our rundown of these unconventional styles below and we’re sure we can bring you round to the Dextress way of thinking. 

#1 The Bowl Cut 

Bowl Hair cut

From mop-topped Beatles and nineties boybands to Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber, the bowl cut doesn’t have a particularly stylish reputation. But having been spotted on the Marc Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2018 runway and street style blogs all over the web, it’s making a comeback whether you like it or not! 

The bowl cut is something of an enigma. It can be tragic or triumphant, edgy or soft, futuristic and sleek, ultra feminine or very tomboyish depending on the execution. A closely shaved undercut and bold colour statement makes for a tough take on the look, whereas a softer taper evokes the classic “five point” haircut created by hair superstar Vidal Sassoon and favoured by 1960s mod it-girls Grace Coddington and Peggy Moffitt for being so effortless to style (you can pretty much air dry and go!).

#2 The Mullet

mullet hair style

Earlier this year, the small NSW town of Kirri Kirri held the inaugural Mullet Fest – a celebration of the much maligned hairstyle that has somehow carved out a space for itself in the Australian imagination. It’s practically a cultural icon, a signal of our laid-back antipodean identity. This combined with fashion darlings Rihanna, Edie Campbell and Lindsey Wixson recently embracing the “business in the front, party in the back” look has led to something of a mullet revival. One that we are ready to welcome with open arms. 

The “fashion mullet” is slightly different to the daggy dad style you might be used to, often with more subtle incorporation of layers and a wispy fringe to soften the effect. A mullet is a bold statement, but opting for a hairstyle that is so polarising and unconventional can be hugely empowering, especially if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. 

#3 The Perm

perm hair style

Trendsetters have been embracing curls increasingly over the last few years. There is just something so satisfying about giant, bouncy curls. The way they move, the way they feel, the drama they can add to even the most simple look. We love curls and we’re not alone. This nostalgic throwback to the big hair of the ’80s evokes fun-loving and bubbly girls-next-door; think Kylie in her iconic turn as Ramsay Street resident Charlene Robinson.

The modern perm is somewhat different to the perm of yesteryear – now a focus is kept on keeping the hair as healthy and glossy as possible, as opposed to the crunchy, dry curls one might expect from a salon perm back in the day. It’s also not about bringing back the poodle perm (unless that’s what you’re after) – we can customise the size and tightness of the curl to achieve a look that makes sense for your personal style and preference. 

Thinking of embracing one of these unconventional styles? Visit us for a consultation so we can help you achieve exactly the fashion-forward results you are looking for.