Nourishing Hair Treatment Services

We offer a number of nourishing  hair treatments designed to repair and replenish hair to a healthy state. Simply discuss your concerns with us and we can devise a treatment regime that will provide the best results.

To combat extensive damage we recommend our Luxury Treatment. Using indulgent formulas from the Kerasilk mask range, we are able to repair years of damage and neglect within minutes. The indulgent formulas, with keratin and hyaloveil, actively interact with the hairs structure. This treatment also incorporates our Micro-Mist Machine, in which filtered water particles deeply penetrate the inner hair structure and lock the treatment inside the bonds of the hair itself to nourish and reconstruct from the inside while the hair’s surface is left supple, healthy looking and shiny. 

Our Kerasilk Color lock serums provide color stability for up to 22 shampoos of after care. The new luminescence technology  gives the hair magnificant brilliance. The treatments are instant, resulting in shine, suppleness and colour longevity. We highly recommend a color lock serum after every color service. 

Our Kerasilk reconstruct treatment helps to strengthen the actual cuticle of the hair, rebuilding any bonds within the hair structure that have become weakened due to damage. This treatment actually fills in any gaps in the hair structure, promoting strong hair and promoting growth.

A healthy scalp helps to keep hair healthy. For those with a dry or oily scalp we can provide treatment options using natural, medicated products that directly address the problem areas. Our Scalp Renew treatment acts like microdermabrasion for the scalp, dramatically improving its condition.

Prior to recommending this treatment we undertake a thorough consultation and diagnosis.

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