Trend Alert: 70s Siren

Whether it’s shearling and suede sashaying down fashion week catwalks from the likes of Gucci and Isabel Marant, or the fact that everyone’s “DIY” board on Pinterest is currently overflowing with old-school crafts like macramé and crochet, it’s safe to say that the 70s are back in a big way.

The best news is that the era of disco glam, rock and roll hedonism and free love has so many distinctive looks to be inspired by – think of it as a fashion pick ‘n’ mix!


70s glamour has been subtly creeping its way into the collective fashion periphery since the Oscar-nominated film American Hustle, with it’s impeccable costuming on actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, and is now taking centre stage. Think Studio 54 – channel your inner dancing queen and unleash the night fever in mixed metallics, lamé and plunging jumpsuits with towering platform sandals. As for the hair, size really does matter! Check out our last post for tips and getting beautiful, disco-ready curls.

Defined by iconic American designer, Halston, the disco silhouette tended to be long, luxuriously flowing and draped effortlessly over the body. If you’re not ready to go full disco diva, opt for more structured and tailored pieces in 70s style fabrics, or highlight your accessories – try an oversized, brown leather clutch and an armful of stacked bracelets and bangles.

Of course, no respectable 70s trend report would be complete without a look at the hippy influence on our current fashion landscape. Following on from the 1967’s “Summer of Love”, the free love movement was still in full swing (no pun intended) and the flower child reigned supreme. Think earthy tones, mixed folkloric and Indian-inspired prints and, of course, breezy florals.

Hem lengths were all over the place in the 70s, so take your pick of mini, maxi or midi skirts, or shorts, in button-fronted suede, corduroy and denim. Pair with off-the-shoulder or halter tops with crochet and lace, go wild for fringing or pussybow blouses for an office-friendly look. Oversized denim or suede jackets thrown over skinny jeans add a casual nod to the era, along with unfussy, centre-parted hair with a soft wave – or add some flair with a hippy-inspired braid like the one below, created by our Emerging Stylist, Maddison.

If you’re more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, don’t fret! The 70s is also known for it’s laid back, rock and roll vibe too. Legends like Joan Jett, all black leather and attitude, and Debbie Harry with her eclectic style epitomise the 70s rock chick look. Check out local vintage shops and online etsy stores like Etsy for vintage t-shirts, and pair them with buttery-soft, flared denim and a fringed suede jacket for ultimate cool-girl chic.

So, take your pick ladies – whether you are a flower child, a disco starlet or a laidback rock chick, we are sure you will find your own take on the 70s trend. Remember that you don’t need to work every 70s inspired piece you find at the same time – no one wants to look like they are in a costume! Take pieces that work for you and slip them in with your wardrobe staples to personalise the trend. The mixed bag of 70s fashion will give you plenty to experiment with!