Trend Alert: Espadrille Fever

Spring is officially less than a month away! Only one thing gets us more excited than the thought of long, warm nights, sand between our toes and a cocktail in hand and that’s planning our spring/summer wardrobes! And what’s the hot footwear trend for coming season that we’re all coveting?

The humble espadrille, of course!

Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance – this unassuming shoe is steeped in history, and dates back over 4000 years being traditionally worn by peasants, priests and soldiers in the villages and mountain ranges of the Pyrenees.

The espadrille went from high altitude to high fashion, being worn by notable names like Coco Chanel (she loved them in summer), Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly. In the 60s, Yves Saint Laurent teamed up with Castañer, a traditional espadrille manufacturer (or alpargatero, if we are being technical) to create the wedge-heeled espadrille which is still widely worn today.

Espadrilles are extremely versatile and can be flat, wedge or platform heeled, slip-on, lace-up or with ribbons that tie around the ankle. The sole is traditionally made from hardy jute, and the upper can be leather, canvas, lace a la Valentino , or anything, really.

The espadrille has also seen a bit of a resurgence recently, with celebs like Kendall Jenner loving the black-and-white Chanel version and a host of other fashion names offering their own take on the classic.

Comfortable, breathable and fashionable? Sign us up! Take a look at some that you can buy right now in our gallery below (pssst… some of them are even on sale!)