Trend Alert: The Half-Bun

Aren’t you sick of all the Pinterest-worthy tutorials hawking “easy 5 minute hairstyles” that actually take twelve attempts and forty minutes? Us too! Stop fretting though, we have finally found a really easy, really quick, really chic style to ease your Monday morning blues – the half-bun.

The “half-bun” has been everywhere in the last few months – on the heads of celebs like the Jenners, Margot Robbie, Mary-Kate Olsen as well as style bloggers like Margaret Zhang and Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad. It can be styled sleek and straight, or with more of a textured bed head vibe, and it basically cuts your styling time in half – making it perfect for those mornings when you’d just rather sleep in!

Check out some of our fave half-buns below, and let us know what your go-to Monday morning style is in the comments!