Winter Hair 101: How To Solve Your Winter Hair Woes



Here in Brisbane, winter can feel like a welcome relief from the heat, humidity, frizzy hair and sweaty upper lips that go hand in hand with a subtropical Queensland summer. Finally, we can pull our jackets, jumpers and coats from their lonely lives, usually untouched, in the wardrobe and enjoy wrapping up on chilly nights, having an excuse to stay home at weekends (if it’s too cold, it’s too cold!) and the occasional comfort food overindulgence.

For about two weeks, maybe, then the short days, cold hands and endless rugging up quickly lose their novelty. Our least favourite thing about winter? What it does to our lovely locks, of course! At Dextress, we know that winter brings with it a variety of hair frustrations but don’t worry, we’ve got you! Follow our advice so you can revive your tired tresses and get back to focusing on staying warm. 


Winter Hair Woe #1 : Dishevelled Hat Hair 

One of the best things about winter as far as we are concerned is the fashion, the layers, the coats, the hats! The hat hair, though? Not so much. Smooshing your hair under a beanie, then pulling it off and back on all day can create some… artistic results. Flat, misshapen and generally dishevelled hair feels impossible to avoid but we promise there are ways you can manage the mess AND keep your ears warm, too. 

The easiest tip is to wait for your hair to completely “cool” after using heat styling tools. Hair is at it’s most malleable when it’s hot, so if you pop a hat on immediately after applying heat, it will essentially mould to the shape of the hat which is, we’re sure you’ll agree, less than ideal in style terms. 

For hair that’s been flattened by headwear, two words: dry shampoo. This is our holy grail of holy grail products and we’re not sure how anyone survives without it. R+Co’s travel size Death Valley dry shampoo is the perfect size for keeping in your bag for when you’re in need of a post-hat volume boost.


Winter Hair Woe #2 : Dry, Thirsty Hair 

It’s no surprise that the cold, dry air of winter would have an effect on our tresses. The lack of moisture in the air can cause them to become dry, brittle and unmanageable leading to breakage and split ends. This is something our curly-haired clients should be especially aware of as curls tend to be naturally drier than straight hair to begin with. 

The best way to combat the seasonal dryness is to make up for the lack of moisture in the atmosphere by adding extra moisture to your haircare routine. As a base, start with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, like Atlantis by R+Co which is loaded with hydrating and conditioning ingredients like babassu oil, Malaysian nettle and vegetable protein. 

A leave-in conditioner or treatment is the next step to deal with dryness. An oil-based product is the way to go as these evaporate more slowly than other treatments, meaning longer-lasting protection and hydration for your locks. We love the Waterfall moisture and shine lotion, also by R+Co, thanks to it’s super effective active ingredients (babassu oil, again!), lightweight texture and bright fragrance. Just apply after shampoo and conditioner then either blow or air dry for the sleek, soft, hydrated hair of your dreams. 

If your mane is feeling particularly dehydrated, why not come and see us for a moisturising and reviving in-salon treatment. We offer Goldwell Kerasilk mask treatments and can tailor the service to you so you leave looking and feeling as good as you deserve. 


Winter Hair Woe #3 :  Static, Flyaway Hair 

This tends to apply particularly to those with fine hair, but static can strike anyone at anytime! Low humidity and cold air combine to create static electricity, causing annoying, wild flyaways. If you rely on aircon to keep you warm, this can increase static due to the dryness of the heated air. Manmade materials can also create static electricity, so keep your locks outside your collar and opt for natural materials like wool for your hats, scarves and other winter warmers. 

Since the causes are often the same, you can tackle static-prone hair by amping up the hydration in your haircare routine. Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to hydrate, as well as a conditioning leave-in treatment. For a quick-fix, mist R+Co’s Foil frizz and static control onto damp or styled hair. It contains a powerful anti-static agent that will tame your flyaways with ease.