[vc_row][vc_column][custom_headline class=”topboxheading-center”]Hair Styling[/custom_headline][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][accordion][accordion_item title=”I have a special event coming up and I need someone to style my hair.”]Our styling service is perfect if you want to ensure your hair is looking at its best for an event or special occasion. We have experience styling every length of hair. We recommend that our guests bring a single image of the style that they desire to ensure that we can achieve your desired look.

We provide hair styling for any event or special occasion including school formals, black tie events, weddings, etc.

Blow wave: We can use a variety of techniques to achieve the blow wave that you want. Whether a slick and straight, or a bouncy, voluminous style, we can achieve it.

Waves & curls: From Victoria Secret waves to classic feminine curls to vintage finger waves, we use a number of tools and techniques to create your perfect look.

Upstyles: Whether a braided upstyle, a chic ponytail or a classic chignon we can create an updo that reflects the style you wish to channel and that will be secure. Using a variety of tools and products, we can create tousled, slicked, soft or elegant styles. What we can achieve depends on your hair type and hair length, and we will discuss these factors with your prior to commencing.

Straightening: For those with a more minimal style, we offer a straightening service than doesn’t damage the hair. Our straightening prices are tiered based on the experience of the stylist.

Each styling service includes a shampoo, conditioning, massage and blow wave.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”I am getting married soon and need someone with experience, who I can trust to style my hair and the bridal party too.”]

We offer hair styling for brides and bridal parties. Once we have determined availability and the number of people we will be styling on the day, we can discuss the style desired. We conduct a trial for each hairstyle being considered for the big day. For each style we ask that a single photo be provided so that we know exactly what you are waiting for the day.

We strongly recommend that each bride book a preparation appointment with us in order to ensure that the hair is in optimal condition ahead of the wedding day. We will prepare the hair by refreshing the colour and cut if required and glossing the hair to promote a healthy shine.

Don’t forget the groom and the groomsmen! We can arrange appointments for the men to have their hair tidied and groomed before the wedding day so they are looking their best also.

Rebecca is available for wedding hair bookings.

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